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Welcome to My Private Crush – How Our Site Works!

Get the attention of your secret crush and find out if they like you back. MyPrivateCrush.com lets you talk to your crush and see if they are interested without making anyone feel uncomfortable. We do this by letting you send anonymous messages with flirtatious clues by email, Facebook, or text.

Before you can send your secret crush anonymous messages and begin flirting, we will need to learn a little about you and your crush using forms. The information you provide us will help us create clues and hints for that special someone. A great feature is that you get to choose which clues that you want to "hide from crush!" by clicking the appropriate check box to the right of each info text box. If checked, that specific information will stay private. If you don’t choose to hide a text box’s info, we will use that information to send your crush a clever hint. To preview how your clues will be displayed, click on the "clues preview" button on the top menu.

First, we want to learn about you so that we can have clues to send your secret crush. The first form you will need to fill out will be about yourself. Don’t worry, you don’t have to fill out the entire form but you will need to give us at least a little information. The second form will be about your personal interests but should be filled out similarly. After you complete the first two forms about yourself, you will need to tell us a little about your crush on the last form.

Next, you will choose how to send your anonymous teaser message which will be sent by email, text, or Facebook. If your crush likes what they see, they will respond and you will get an email message from us that your crush wants to learn more about you. Then you will have the choice to login and send another teaser message with new hints. You can continue to send flirtatious messages until you feel ready to reveal who you are to your crush. Simply select the "reveal" button on the top menu at anytime.

Once you make that connection with your crush, we won’t leave you to fend for yourself. We have some helpful tips so that you can have a good start for your new relationship. Just go to the "next step" listed on the top menu.

Now it’s time for you to let us learn a little more about you and your crush. Have fun!

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