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1)   Are there any membership fees for joining MyPrivateCrush.com?

      No, MyPrivateCrush.com has no membership fees and is 100% free for our users.

2)   What do I need to sign up?

      All you need to register is an email address. After that you can start to create your new account.

3)   If I don’t have my secret crush’s phone number or email address, can I still use this site?

      Of course. You can also provide hints by using your crush’s Facebook username or profile URL. This is our third option.

4)   Can I send hints to more than 1 crush?

      Yes. You can send hints and clues to as many crushes as you want on the same account.

5)   Which hints are sent to my crush?

      The only hints that are emailed to your crush are the ones in which the checkbox next to "Hide from crush!" are unchecked..

      If the checkbox is checked, your crush will not see that clue.  

6)   Do my clues get sent to my crush when I send a text message?

      Due to character limits made by cell phone service providers, you must send custom clues to your crush

      using our "send text" feature. 

7)   Who should use MyPrivateCrush.com?

      Almost anyone still in the dating meat market should become a member of MyPrivateCrush.com. Conversely, those who

      wish to utilize our website for stalking purposes should NOT visit this site because MyPrivateCrush.com does not promote or

       condone harassment of any sort.


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